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By Salim Samir AbiEzzi

I launched this site to document the story of the AbiEzzi family for the benefit of generations to come. Our family's patriarch is my grandfather Michel Salim AbiEzzi who was born in Lebanon in 1910, presently all his descendents ( 7 children, 21 grandchildren and 55 great grandchildren and counting) are living and prospering throughout the USA.

I have lots of fond memories from my childhood in Zahle, Lebanon, including with my dear grandfather. It is my hope to provide our future generations a narration of our common history. This family heritage is precious, and it would be a shame if it is lost on our children and theirs.

I have passion about our family’s history and also about science and technology; this project combines the two themes. DNA science and the Internet, as a global communication tool, are essential enablers.

For this effort to reach its potential it has to be collective. Family members and friends are encouraged to contribute their gems.

Deep History

Background of the AbiEzzi family

Members of the AbiEzzi family:

Michel Salim AbiEzzi

Salim Samir AbiEzzi

Last updated in September 2013

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