Salim AbiEzzi's Patents



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  2. Enhanced mode technique for growing mesh networks; Christopher Corbett, Amer Hassan, Salim AbiEzzi, Warren Barkley; Issued May 8, 2007; Number 7,215,926.

  3. Managing packet transmissions between a device in a limited connectivity network and a device residing outside the limited connectivity network; Arun Ayyagari, Salim AbiEzzi, et al.; Issued August 8, 2006; Number 7,088,687.

  4. Method & System for Modeling and Presenting Integrated Media with Declarative Modeling Language for Representing Reactive Behavior; Conal Elliott, , Salim AbiEzzi; Issued June 9, 1998; Number 5,764,241.

  5. Method and apparatus for the Rendering of Trimmed NURB Surfaces; Salim Abi-Ezzi and Subramaniam Srikanth; Issued on Dec 27, 1994; Number 5,377,320.

  6. Method and Apparatus for the Rendering of Curved Surfaces using a Cone of Normals; Leon Shirman and Salim Abi-Ezzi; Issued on Oct 18, 1994; Number 5,357,600.

  7. Method and Apparatus for the Dynamic Tessellation of Curved Surfaces; Salim Abi-Ezzi and Leon Shirman; Issued on Nov 9, 1993; Number 5,261,029.



  1. Home network media server with a jukebox for enhanced user experience; Salim S. AbiEzzi and Ralph Allen Lip.

  2. System and method for providing secure network access

  3. Caching a continually updated & rendered custom web page on a home media server for instantaneous viewing on TVs over a home network