Salim AbiEzzi's Recommendations


Following are recommendations by Salim's colleagues, from his professional profile on LinkedIn:

Director R&D at VMware

"I worked with Salim in the Distributed Computing Task Group in the Industrial Internet Consortium, while he was at VMWare. He was a coauthor of our technical report "Industrial Internet of Things Distributed Computing in the Edge", His contributions included key insights on terminology, containers, virtualization, network slicing, etc., all of which are vital technologies to edge, fog, and distributed computing."

Chuck Byers Chief Technology Officer at OpenFog Consortium

"Working with Salim for many years in VMWare as part of the office of cto and during IoT engineering, I had developed immense respect for what he does, his depth and how he would offer advice and guidance. He would take the lead to engage with specific technology areas, explain, share material backing his point of view and seek to understand others' point of view. A technology leader I would love to work with again. His depth that I noticed in core technologies as well as broad big picture view of the industry was impressive."

Niranjan Maka CEO & Co-founder @

"Salim is one of those few folks who can formulate a technical vision and drive it forward — not just into a prototype but all the way into production!"

David Tennenhouse Chief Research Officer at VMware

"Salim is a futurologist by nature. He has a proven record of foreseeing market trends and customer needs as well as proposing solutions/technologies to fulfill that demand. I had the opportunity to work with Salim during the incubation of the Blast Extreme protocol which eventually became the default VDI remoting protocol for VMware Horizon. Salim played a key role in initiating the project and guiding it through product success, as well as building a strong patent portfolio for VMware around remote desktop technologies."

Sandro Moiron Staff Engineer at VMware

"Brilliant Engineer in the IoT, AI, and ML arena; understands technology of edge computing; engaging personality with great communication skills."

Lawrence Lamers Director Industry Standards February 1, 2020

"Salim is a smart, forward thinking person. He has big ideas and sees solutions in the future that others haven't. A key example of this was the work we did together in EUC at VMware around the Blast Extreme protocol. The project started as a hedge against some 3rd party technology and turned into the primary remoting protocol for VMware. During that project, Salim never gave up and kept pushing the long-term value to myself and others."

Jeff Glasson Vice President Of Engineering at Contentful

Independent Consultant at Plextal Technology, LLC

“I had the opportunity to work with Salim in the creation of a home netowrking standard. Salim is highly knowledgeable in the field of network architectures and infrastructures. He is thorough and lends particular expertise in the area of human interfaces. Salim works diligently to improve the user experience when interfacing to new technologies.” April 5, 2010

RJ Wilcox , Distinguished Engineer , Silicon Image

“I have known Salim for over 15 years, and have worked with him on numerous occasions. Our most recent collaboration was on the development of a specification for Silicon Image's LiquidHD technology that would enable the formation of an industry consortium around it. During the process, Salim provided many useful technical ideas, as well as key insights on how to create the necessary industry momentum for adoption. I can strongly recommend Salim for his technical and business skills, and I have always found it a pleasure to work with him.” March 24, 2010

Jim Hanko , Distinguished Engineer , Silicon Image

“I had the pleasure of working with Salim on technical marketing and sales initiatives associated with a leading-edge home networking technology. Salim is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable and professional technical marketing people I have ever worked with during my 15 year career selling semiconductors. Not only technically savvy, Salim also has a warm and engaging personality. He is able to take complex technical material and explain it to a wide variety people, from high level executives to the most technical member of an engineering team. Salim receives my highest recommendation.” November 17, 2009

Bill Bowman, Sales Manager North America, Eastern and Central Region, Silicon Image

“On the 2 occasions I have had the pleasure of working with Salim it was a breath of fresh air to have someone so comfortable in his area of expertise, he understood it from the design side, sales side as well as the technical side. It made clarifying our goals and objectives so much better. His proficiency in the particular areas we were discussing made it simple to understand and thus, easier to sell to the client. Scott Moser VP Sales, Home Technologies, Inc. (1994-2007) MDU sales and marketing, Texas Integrated Systems (2007-present)” March 3, 2009

Scott Moser, Residential & MDU sales, Texas Integrated Systems

“I've hired Salim for multiple projects while at Silicon Image and he has consistantly delivered excellent results and met schedules. Salim has a deep technical understanding of systems, networking and software. In addition, he also possesses a strong business and standards body knowledge. I would highly recommend Salim.” June 22, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Rob Tobias
hired Salim as a Business Consultant in 2005, and hired Salim more than once

“I’ve known Salim as a close neighbor for more than five years. I’ve seen firsthand his passion for technology in the way he integrated advanced solutions at his home and as part of his family life. He scanned and established a complete archive of his old and new photos and videos and made it accessible through his TVs across his home. His eight year old daughter can find and display any element of this extensive archive with a simple remote control. Also Salim is a resource to the neighbors on all flavors of home networking, high-def TVs, photos/video scanning and archival, setting up web sites, etc. Glad to have him close by.” November 25, 2007

Don Bryant, Vice President Trade Development, Mark Anthony Brands

“Salim is that rare combination of visionary, technical leader, and team player. He excels at establishing goals, building business frameworks, and collaborating with his partners throughout the duration of both short and long-term projects.” March 25, 2007

Mark Premo, Sales Director, World Wide Packets

Lead Program Manager, standards development, Windows Networking at Microsoft

“Salim's leadership establishing traction for the UPnP initiative was outstanding. UPnP required a strong and politically savvy leader, especially during the early stages of development where Microsoft was seen as a threat by many early stage adopters. Salim's, frank and consistent approach to the many issues that needed attention and ultimate resolution by the entire consortium is admirable. I would recommend Salim as a senior executive or consultant to any company requiring standards leadership.” July 27, 2007

Daniel Quigley, Executive Vice President, Lantronix

“I met Salim as chairman of the UPnP Forum. He is competent and determined, and it's almost impossible to deroute him from his goals. He has the typical chairman's leadership, that has authority without invoking it. He was intrumental to most of the successful achievements of UPnP. Better to have him on your side, though. It was a pleasure working with him.” October 18, 2006

Maurizio Beltrami, Interoperability Manager, Philips Consumer Electronics

“Salim AbiEzzi was the chair of the UPnP Forum Steering Committee from the first year. He was driving the new UPnP Forum to push the technology worldwide. With is activities he could convince major companies and many IT innovation companies to join and participate in the UPnP Forum.” October 9, 2006

Markus Alexander Wischy, Senior SW Architect, Siemens AG

“I worked with Salim on the UPnP Steering Committee. I always found him to be knowledgeable and he managed to keep a difficult process moving forward. I also found him to be helpful and responsive. I'd enjoy working with him again.” October 2, 2006

Richard Geasey, Director of Applications Marketing, Lantronix

“Salim is very passionate about networking solutions and strategies. His drive for seeking the best solutions for the situation at hand is very impressive. He is also a good listener and will strive to understand the problem at hand thoroughly before recommending a solution.” March 24, 2006

Karen Stash, Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft, Networking
reported to Salim at Microsoft

“Salim did an excellent job as chair for the UPnP Steering Committee, growing the membership and keeping a close check on developing the process and meeting targets. I can wholehartedly recommend Salim. /Bengt Christensson VP Business Developement Stream Processors, Inc.” January 26, 2006

Bengt Christensson

“I came back to work for Salim on Home Networking after a year on the Windows Shell team. Salim did it again, getting the industry to agree on a standard is difficult enough and he convinced our competitors to sign on! I believe most of UPnP's greatness was due to Salim's stewardship.” January 14, 2006

Steve Judkins, Program Managment and Development, Microsoft
reported to Salim at Microsoft

Lead Program Manager, product development, Windows Graphics & Multimedia at Microsoft

“Salim recruited me at a time I never thought I would leave the Bay Area; he convinced me that the opportunity was too exciting to miss. I greatly enjoyed my time on that project in no small part due to Salim's vision. Salim's passion and deep understanding of both technology and people make him a natural leader and advocate.” February 2, 2006

Ken Greenebaum, Developer, Microsoft
reported to Salim at Microsoft

“Salim was my first manager at Microsoft. He was a pleasure to work for, looks after the career development of his employees and has a gift for explaining and evangalizing new technologies in ways we humans can understand.” January 14, 2006

Steve Judkins, Program Managment and Development, Microsoft
reported to Salim at Microsoft

Engineering Manager, Graphics & Multimedia Advanced Development at Sun Microsystems

“While working at Sun Microsystems, Salim and I developed various algorithms in computer graphics area that were prototyped, patented and published, including some award winning papers. Salim always provided great insight and new ideas into our research, and in addition, he was one of the best managers I ever had.” November 26, 2007

Leon Shirman, Sr. Software Engineer, Sun Microsystems
reported to Salim at Sun Microsystems

“Salim is a highly accomplished and extremely talented technologist, a terrific people manager and a great human being. While we worked together at Sun he initiated several advanced 3D graphics technology projects, including technology (NURBS) that was later licensed to HP. I would love to work with him again in the future.” October 22, 2006

Matt Perez, Sr Director, Solaris OS / Director, Graphics & Multimedia Software / Manager, Graphics Hardware, Sun Microsystems
managed Salim at Sun Microsystems

“Salim was my manager in an Advanced Technology Group setting, and was a great and effective advocate for Advanced Tech-style work.” September 28, 2005

Greg Schechter, Development Lead / Software Engineer, Sun Microsystems
reported to Salim at Sun Microsystems

Research Scientist, Interactive 3D Graphics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Salim wah the leader of a team of graduate students who designed and implemented special hardware for the PHIGS 3D graphics standard in the mid-80s. The project utilized low cost off the shelf PC grade components and an Intel x86 CPU and included a custom software layer, and was demonstrated quite successfully to several industrial associates. Salim was always there when a complex concept needed explanation and required simplification, he was a great mentor and a very good friend.” December 7, 2007

Jorge Molina, Research Assistant, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
worked directly with Salim at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Salim was a dedicated researcher and project manager who had the ability to effectively coordinate several advance projects in the area of computer graphics at the same time. I was fortunate to work under Salim during my Masters research and assistantship. During that period, he provided valuable guidance and insight. Though he was my manager he respected my ideas and treated me as a fellow colleague.” September 14, 2006

Robert O'Bara, Research Assistant, Center For Computer Graphics / RPI
reported to Salim at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“Salim was not only my mentor and advisor on my masters project but one of my best friends at that time. I had and still have the utmost respect for him.” September 8, 2006

Steven Kader, Research Scientist, Interactive 3D Graphics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
reported to Salim at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

“I had the pleasure of working with Salim for two years while pursuing my M.S. degree. Salim was the team lead for our 3D graphics hardware/software project, and provided great technical guidance and effective project management for our very ambitious project. Salim was also instrumental in driving not just funding but also productive communication and interaction with our industry sponsors.” May 12, 2006

Michael Toelle, Development Lead, Microsoft Corporation
worked indirectly for Salim at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute