Salim AbiEzzi

Salim AbiEzzi was born and raised in the city of Zahle, Lebanon, where he attended the Secondary Evangelical School and grew through the Boy Scout ranks to become an Eagle Scout. In May 1980 he completed the Baccalaureate 2nd part with Math concentration at Brumana High School.


In August 1980 at age 17 Salim arrived to the Boston area for university education and lived in the US ever since, while continuing to visit Lebanon. Salim obtained a US citizenship in 1992. In December 1995 Salim was married to Laurie Peterson of Centerville Utah, they have three children and have lived in Sammamish WA since November 2002.


In May 1982 Salim completed his undergraduate studies, earning a Bachelor of Science degree, summa cum laude, in Computer Science from the University of Mass, Lowell at the age of 19. The department Director at the time, Prof. Thomas Costello, granted him an award for Superior Academic Achievements in Computer Science. He continued with his Computer Science concentration at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY, and was subsequently awarded a Masters and Ph.D. in May 1984 and 1989, respectively. His Doctorate was in 3D graphics at the Center for Interactive Computer Graphics under Prof. Michael Wozny.


Salim served as Director of R&D in IoT, ML & graphics at VMware, Manager of Strategy and Standards of Home Networking at Microsoft, Lead Program Manager of Graphics and Multimedia development at Microsoft, Senior Engineering Manager for Advanced Graphics & Multimedia Development at Sun Microsystems, and Research Scientist for Interactive 3D Graphics at RPI. He led software product teams at Sun and Microsoft that developed 3D graphics and multimedia products. He also served in a pivotal role leading advanced development teams at RPI and Sun Microsystems.


Salim's direct experience includes active participation in standards committees since 1984, and his leadership role in launching the UPnP Forum in October 1999 for device interoperability, and chairing its steering committee for four years while growing it to a highly successful standards forming body with international scope. Salim's last three years at VMware involved representing the company and its interests in IoT & Machine Learning organizations including the IIC, EdgeX Foundry, AECC & international standards committees (SC41 & 42). Salim gave numerous presentations at International industry conferences including: a keynote at the Cloud Security Summit, Fog World Congress, Microsoft’s PDC and WinHEC, Siggraph & Eurographics.


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